Dissimilar Types of Forex Bonuses
As a trader, it is good to cooperate with the brokers who give nice profits and bounties.

But before showing you what brokers that have those conditions, I will help you understand what is a Forex bonus.

A Forex prize is a routine promotion given either to a new comer or to a registered account.

For the recent ones, you need to create an official account on the broker website by doing some simple steps.

Nevertheless, not every new account has a bonus. There is a requirement in order to get them, that is making a deposit. Next, we will consider some bonus types.

Forex deposit bonus
Firstly, you need to know that this type of bonus has a strong connection to the funds you put in your account.

Normally, it is available for every customer. Before having it, you have to place a deposit, either the first time or others time.

It is obvious that you can’t get this bonus if you are not an official account on the website. It is commonly measured in %.

It might be a little confusing so I will provide an instance for you in order to have some thought about this promotion.

Supposing you have put a $100 deposit for the broker and the bonus is fifty percent.

When you transfer the funds using some payment techniques, you will receive $150 to do the transaction, not $100 as you placed.
Welcome Forex profit

Newcomers have some great benefits from the brokers. One of them is the welcome Forex profit, and you can’t get it if you are an existed user.

What is it actually? It is an appealing type of bonus since it provides recent clients a chance to judge their brokers.

More important, you don’t have to face with lots of risks that could happen. However, a fee is needed to use it, and the fee is depended on each broker. It can appear in the form of a no deposit bounty or in the form of a usual deposit bounty.

Moreover, the broker also has the right to change the form of welcome prize using their regulations.
Fidelity bonus

If fresh traders have the welcome bonus, then for the experienced users, they have this type of bonus. It is a prize randomly offered by the broker for loyal customers.

You are required to remain on the site for a specific time, and then the reward is yours.

The greatest reason the broker chooses you for the gift is your experience in dealing forex with them.

The rank of the best forex bonuses:
Ultimately, this is the part that you will know which is the best broker in bonus programs.

For years, I have conducted a survey and so far, I have noted four brokerages with extremely high-profit programs comparing to the rest.

This is the table of them:
• Best newcomer bonus – XM: 30$ newcomer bonus
• Best new trader bonus – FBS: 50$ new trader bonus
• Best deposit bonus – XM: 100% deposit bonus
• Lot Back Bonuses – Exness: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot


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