Who are the Best Forex Brokers you have ever found?

Who are the Best Forex Brokers you have ever found?

Forex field works on a worldwide area that very region of the world has their own features and traders from there have various needs …

… and requirements according to their trading environment.

Generally, UK and US markets are known for their reputation and also their higher cost for trading too.

Meanwhile, other brokers may be preferred by their excellent trading conditions.

Anyway, to define who are the best forex brokers you have ever found, traders need some criteria to base on

and check for themselves about some crucial factors of the brokers such as reliability, trading cost, trading platform or local help. 


Traders seek for a solution to know what brokers they can just in. I have been through a lot and have gained experience that traders should choose brokers have reliable licenses or regulations.

Regulations in the forex world can be issued by profit and non-profit organizations.

These organizations or agencies are of course trusted and they can be governed by different leaders but they have some common principles for the entire forex world.

These rules are usually about maximum of leverage, the quality of quotes and the minimum fund or segregated accounts or the public reports for clear information.

It is so obvious that licenses can prove brokers’ reputation; however, they can have two sides that affect deeply to the brokers’ business.

The US and UK regulations are thought to be more reliable.

And it is totally truth but brokers with these types of regulation usually have to cost more money for spread, margin and they  build less trading supporting trading platforms or the payment systems are not helping a lot.

On the other hand, Brokers with less regulation, about one or two licenses not only charge the lower fee but also have their trading quantity very huge. 


Before traders could set up the best trading applications, they should check their phone types because not all the platforms, even the most popular can be matched perfectly with certain kinds of phones.

For example, MT4 and MT5 that are known for the most popular but their convenience can be set on some phone.

In comparison with Window Vista and Window XP, they are not totally working all the ways then some brokers have found out the solving for this by creating their own platform.

Of all the brokers, FxPro and XM are those two that care much about this matter and try to build up the platform system every day. 


As I have just mentioned, US brokers own more than one license and the consequence is that they have to ask more for the spread fee, which can reach 1.7 to 2 pips when trading EUR/USD pair.

Differently, Exness or FxPro… have this number just half of US brokers’. 

With the reason that US or UK serve perfect for the domestic clients but not for the outside area clients that cause the higher cost for Asian traders when they want to open an account in these brokers.

Apparently, traders usually use a Credit Card to make deposit for US accounts and the fee can reach 1.7 o 4% of the total amount and they gain back just about 5% for the profit from that. 


When trading forex, there are a lot of problems can occur that can steal your money or ruin your trading plan because you are not well aware of these issues.

Therefore, these need the places that they can rely on to get advice.

Exness, XM, FBS and FXTM are the top 5 forex brokers in the world that have the local office for clients to come and ask for help.

They also took the English serving that help traders who are mostly not good at English.

Moreover, Exness and XM open their service in 24/7 timeframe.

In conclusion, who the best forex brokers I have ever found are Exness, XM, HotForex, FXTM, and FBS respectively.


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