How to deposit/withdraw in forex trading

Best forex brokers / How to deposit / withdraw in forex trading

Nowadays, forex trading has become more and more trending. A great number of people have participated in this market.

For the experienced ones, the process of deposit or withdrawal seems quite simple and easy to do.

However, for beginners, who have almost zero experience, they find it really complicated and confusing.

Today, I’m going to show you how to deposit/withdraw in forex trading.

Common methods

Debit cards with Best forex brokers

Debit Card is a type of ATM card, which requires you to put some money in to use.

This card connects to your bank account just like an ATM card. When you buy things online, the money will be taken directly from your bank account.

You can either register a Debit card at the bank or do it online. If you don’t have much experience in making online transaction, Debit card is for you. It is safe and secure thanks to the bank.

For overseas forex brokers, you have to make VISA Debit cards to transfer money abroad.

Credit cards

Credit Card is a type of card that lets you spend a certain amount of money and you have to pay that amount back to the bank in 45 days (time may vary based on banks).

Otherwise, you will have to pay it back with higher interest rate.


There are some famous and commonly use eWallets like: Neteller, Skrill (MoneyBookers), Nganluong Wallet… for traders in Asia.

This method is similar to the Debit card. Instead of transferring money into your account, you transfer it into your eWallets.

This method is faster than Debit card and cheaper, too.

How to deposit in forex trading

After you have finished opening a forex account and verified it, find the Deposit tab or button.

It is usually very easy to find because that’s the first thing brokers want you to do. After clicking on it, choose your deposit methods.

Now the best way to deposit/withdraw in forex trading is do it through your local banks (banks from your country).

This is the fastest and cheapest way to transfer money.

If your broker works with local banks, you just pick the one you have accounts, put it your money, accept the terms and conditions, and follow all the steps to finish transaction.

If you want to trade with brokers who don’t have local banks, you can use your VISA Debit card.

This method usually costs 4 to 7% of your total transferred amount.

Commonly, the deposit process takes only minutes to complete.

How to withdraw in forex trading

Withdrawing money is when you have made money from trading forex and you want to withdraw that profit.

The process of withdrawing is very similar to depositing.

To withdraw money, you need to find the Withdrawal tab or button on the trading platform.

Forex traders usually withdraw money in the same way as deposit money.

However, when withdrawing money, you have to be extra careful. Put in the information correctly and carefully.

Make sure you withdraw from the same account as the one you use for trading.

Because if you mistake anything, brokers usually takes days or weeks finding the problems.

You will have to wait a long time for the process to be completed.

I hope after this article, you can understand how to deposit/withdraw in forex trading. It’s not complicated at all.

You just need to know your options, pick the most beneficial one, and do it.

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