Who can trade forex? how to trade forex successfully?

Best forex brokers, who can trade forex? how to trade forex successfully?

Ever since the 70s, the forex market has grown so big that it is today the largest market in terms of trading volume.

You can trade forex as a full time trader or part time, and it requires very little to start. So it sounds like an ideal opportunity for anyone.

That leads to our question today: Who can trade forex? Moreover, how to succeed in this market? Come and I will show you the answers.


Initial capital | Best forex brokers

Since the forex market is enormous, you may think that it will cost a lots to participate in this market. It is exactly the opposite.

Forex trading requires very little money from the start. For some brokers, you can even deposit as low as 1 dollar to start trading right away.

That’s right. No zeros. Just 1. One dollar. Anyone with at least one dollar can begin to trade forex at anytime.

Time spent | Best forex brokers

It is believed that forex trading is time consuming. Those who can trade forex are the ones with a lot of free time.

Therefore, they can spend hours trading day and night. That’s completely not true. There are multiple forex trading strategies, and each strategy will require different amounts of time. You can easily just spend an hour or two everyday checking the market trends and charts to make profits. I have worked with both full-time traders and part-time traders as well. Forex trading is for everyone. How much time you want to devote to it is really up to you.

Forex knowledge | Best forex brokers

You can basically learn anything about forex trading on the Internet or our website these days. It is pretty complicated so you have to be serious about this investing opportunity before participating in. If these things are too difficult for you, you can try forex social trading. Basically, you just copy the trades of others and make profits as they do. It’s the most suitable for pure investors.


To make it in this market, you need to find a decent broker. Everything you do when you trade happens on the broker’s platform and their features affect your trade greatly. That’s why finding a suitable broker is very crucial. The followings are my standards for a good forex broker:

Forex regulations | Best forex brokers

Always on the top of any notes is the regulation. In 1973, the state control of the forex trading market ended, and the complete floating and relatively free market of the currency exchange began. Therefore, trading with brokers with the validation from the financial associations is better and safer. For example, the FCA, as to ensure the fair trading since 1973, can give out specific standards as well as monitor the forex activities of brokers. Moreover, if they find something fishy, they can ban the broker for good. The regulation can tell if the name is qualified, hence protect the traders with it firms and reputation, this is critically important for Indonesian traders while forex trading is limited by the government in their own country.

Trading cost | Best forex brokers

The commission is the amount of money which traders pay brokers for fulfilling an order, and the Spread is the difference between the price of selling and buying for each currency pair. Spread can be considered as the fee for the brokers’ service. Both are fundamental sources of income for brokers, but different between broker types. The main income of dealing desk brokers is the Spread, and of the non-dealing desk is Commission. Thus, obviously, the lower these transaction costs, the easier and cheaper for traders to perform their trading.

Customer support | Best forex brokers

Besides the direct system for payment and the special accounts for Indonesia, the mentioned brokers also share the same school of thought about the direct support with their inland peers. In order to compete with the inland brokers, they provide strong teams for support with both major languages as well as the local tongue; and here at their offices, you can find not only the local staff support but also other local traders for eating out and sharing. 


In conclusion, forex trading is for everyone. To furthermore take advantage of the growing speed of the forex market, people who can trade forex need to properly choose a forex broker that’s most suitable for your trading needs as well as your location. And it’s in our professional that the traders can benefit more from the service and trading conditions of the big and popular forex brokers since all of them have been through our many stages of reviewing and have been personally tested by our professional traders with years of experience in the field.

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